Q1 2009 Goals

I plan to use this blog to keep track of my Q1 2009 goals and also to keep myself motivated through peer pressure 🙂

Following are my final shortlisted goals for Q1 2009

  1. Run a half marathon
  2. Read 12 books
  3. Master a new skill (For this quarter, the new skill that I have decided to focus on is ‘Hypnotism’)

I will create one blog on each goal and will keep updating that blog with my progress !

5 Responses to “Q1 2009 Goals”

  1. ranjanrao Says:

    now i dont mind not meeting you..

  2. vivek440 Says:

    But I mind you not meeting me!

  3. Pankaj Says:

    Best of luck buddy… Half marathon is a great challenge and a good motivator for exercise… I was planning to run the london marathon in march but decided to give it a skip this time as it requires atleast 24 weeks training regime… will try it in next 6 months 🙂

    Best of luck again… Keep in touch.

  4. Nidhi Says:

    very good collection of movies you have Mr. Raja..

  5. vivek440 Says:

    Nidhi: Thanks for appreciating my collection 🙂

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