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My first half marathon – 22nd Feb 2009

February 27, 2009

After running the ‘half marathon’ I feel as if I have achieved the world 🙂 It was an awesome experience ! I took 3hrs 32mins to complete the ‘half marathon’ and am feeling very proud to share that I was among the last one to finish the marathon !! This proves how determined I was to complete it. I stretched my body to its limit and could not walk properly for next 3 days.


Useless people, they didn’t take my photo on the finish line 😦 [It seems, camera man had already left when I reached the finish line]

In next marathon, my mission will be to complete it in a respectable time limit.

PS: I have decided on the 2nd goal of Q2 2009 ‘Run 2nd Half marathon and complete it within a respectable time limit’


Half Marathon (‘The’ day – 22nd Feb 2009)

February 27, 2009

15th Jan 2009:

The marathon that I plan to run is on 22nd Feb 2009. To know more about the club that is organizing this marathon, you may want to visit

I wanted to run a half marathon in last week of March (so that I get enough time to build stamina), but this club is known to organize well managed marathons and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. So I have accepted this marathon only as a challenge !

As this is my 1st marathon, my focus will be to complete the marathon (Won’t be focusing on the time that I take to complete the marathon. This will be my focus in future marathons)

Will keep you informed about my progress through the below table

Week 1
16th Jan 2009 (Time- 1 hour    ; Km- 5 kms   )
17th Jan 2009 (Time- 2 hour    ; Km- 9.5kms  )
18th Jan 2009 (Time- 1 hour    ; Km- 5.7kms  )
19th Jan 2009 (Rest day )
20th Jan 2009 (Time- 1 hour    ; Km- 6.2 kms )
22nd Jan 2009 (Time- 50mins    ; Km- 4.9 kms )

Week 2
26th Jan 2009 (Time- 2 hour    ; Km- 11.5 kms)
27th Jan 2009 ( Time-51min     ; Km – 5.4 kms)
30th Jan 2009 (Time- 1 hour    ; Km- 6.5 kms )
31st Jan 2009 (Time- 2hr 20mins; Km- 14 kms  )

Week 3
3rd Feb 2009 (Time- 1hr 10mins ; Km- 7.4 kms )
4th Feb 2009 (Time- 1hr        ; Km- 5.7 kms )
6th Feb 2009 (Time- 2.5 hrs    ; Km- 15  kms )
8th Feb 2009 (Time- 2hrs 15mins; Km- 13.5kms )

Wish me best of luck 🙂

17th Jan 2009: Yesterday, I took 1 hr to complete 5kms! While covering these 5kms, after every .8km-1km, I had to walk for 30secs. Guppu The Greatest, you need to improve on your stamina ! Today I plan to jog for 2 hours and cover 10kms. Lets c.

18th Jan 2009: Yesterday I managed to run for 2 hours 🙂 (Though for last 20mins I was just dragging myself). Today I ran for 1 hour and was able to cover more than what I covered last time.

26th Jan 2009: I ran today after a 4 day gap. Need to be more regular! But the good thing is that last time when I ran 2 hours I was able to cover 9.5kms but today I managed to cover 11.5kms.

2 weeks ago, one of friend in Mumbai completed a half Marathon (21kms)  in 1 hour 50mins. I have a long way to go 🙂

1st Feb 2009: Updated the table. My maximum run till now (14kms in 2hrs 20mins).

4th Feb 2009: Updated the table. Plan for this week- Tomorrow (Thur) will be a rest day. Friday, I plan to do a long run (over 2 hrs). Saturday a rest day. Sunday, again a long run.

9th Feb 2009: Updated the table. As per the plan, ran a long run on Friday (Covered 15kms in 2.5 hrs – Longest run till now). On Sunday, my target was to run for 3 hrs but could manage only 2hrs 15mins (Covered 13.5kms). My calf muscles were aching very badly and could not run further.
Plan for this week:
Tuesday – 1 hour run
Wednesday – Only stretching and slow walk
Thursday – Long run (over 2 hrs)
Friday – Only stretching and slow walk
Saturday – Long run (over 2 hrs)
Sunday – Only stretching and slow walk

21st Feb 2009: Oh!!! 11 days and I haven’t updated this post 😦 Last few days have been crazy. Lot happened in my personal life and to be honest, didn’t spend lot of time jogging.

I will update the jogging table later. Right now just wanted to give a quick update. Till now the maximum that I have run at 1 go is 15kms (7kms short of Half marathon) website mentions the following
‘Slow runners – we will be there – whatever time you finish – you are the hero that day, Don’t worry about anything but completing your enormous achievement that you have embarked upon’

Yahooooooooooooooooooooo 🙂
This means I can even take 4 hours to complete the half marathon……. Phir to mei complete ker hi loonga 🙂

Rest after tomorrow’s marathon!

28th Feb 2009: Mission accomplished 🙂 The achievement deserves an independent post 🙂

Interesting Blog Posts that I read between 16-25th Feb 2009!

February 26, 2009

Right now I am following 145 blogs with 121 unread posts. Oops I have been very choosy this time while subscribing to new blogs but still I ended up with 4 more blogs since last time ! But not my fault, this internet is full of so many fascinating blogs 🙂

The blog entries that I found interesting in last few days can be found here.

Enjoy reading and please do share your feedback 🙂

9-15th Feb 2009 Interesting Blog Entries

February 11, 2009

It seems I have suddenly been exposed to a new world…… World of blogs !!! Right now I am tracking 141 blogs on daily basis and each day the count is increasing.

I have decided to share interesting blogs entries with my priveledged audience 🙂

The blogs entries that I found interesting this week can be found here.  The link covers a variety of topics (Innovative marketing campaigns, blog entries to improve your soft skills, compilation of online payment options available, business plans etc). Just below the title of each blog, you will find a comment from me elaborating what made the blog unique/interesting/worthy enough to share it.
I will keep updating this page on real time basis with more interesting blogs till Sunday midnight.

For next week’s blog entries I will create another webpage. In short, you can expect a similar kind of web page every Monday morning (till I don’t loose interest) covering interesting blog entries of the respective week.

Till then enjoy reading !

12 books

February 8, 2009

Following is the list that I plan to complete in this quarter

  1. Mind maps at work (By Tony Buzan) :Completed the book on 1st Jan itself 🙂 Useless book. Mind map is a good concept but the way author has explained the concept, I didn’t like it. But he is an author of international fame and hence I have decided to give him another opportunity to impress me. I plan to read more books by him 🙂
  2. Awaken the giant within (By Anthony Robbins): One of the best books that I have read till now. Everybody should read it :-). Its a fat book (total pages – 538 ) and I am still on Pg 225, but overall, its an awesome book. If I can manage, I will want to read this book once every year.

Other books that I plan to read in this quarter

3.  The power of creative intelligence (By Tony Buzan)

4.  The power of verbal Intelligence (By Tony Buzan)

5. Age proof your brain (By Tony Buzan)

6. A thousand splendid suns (By Khaled Hosseini)

I still have to select 6 more books for this quarter.

17th Jan 2009: After reading 5-6 pages of ‘Awaken the giant within’, I feel so motivated 🙂 I am really enjoying reading this book and plan to finish this book by this quarter end (Have intentionally decided to go slow on this book). Meanwhile I have started ‘A thousand splendid suns’

26th Jan 2009: After 17th Jan, didn’t read ‘Awaken the giant within’. Have been reading ‘A thousand splendid suns’. I have almost completed half of it.  Its a nice book, very well written and involves the reader well !

31st Jan 2009: Last line of the novel is ‘But the game involves only male names. Because, if it’s a girl, Laila has already named her.’ Took some time to comprehend it, but when I did, my eyes were wet !

I have zeroed in on 1 more book for this quarter. ‘Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini. Please contact me immediately, if you can lend me this book 🙂

5th Feb 2009: Three books that I bought online today (through
1) Go Kiss The World: Life Lessons For The Young Professional By Subroto Bagchi
2) Stay Hungry Stay Foolish by Rashmi Bansal
3) The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

9th Feb 2009: Received the books today. Will start with ‘Stay Hungry Stay Foolish’.  The book is about 25 IIM Ahmedabad graduates who chose the road of entrepreneurship. The author claims that the book will inspire young graduates to look beyond placements & salaries. Let c !
Meanwhile, I have read ‘Awaken the giant within’ till Pg 325. I will again repeat, everyone should read this book. I will give this book 9.9 out of 10. Will give ‘Mind maps at work’ 2/10. ‘A thousand splendid suns’ will get 7/10 (Generally I am not able to co-relate that much to fiction as I can to non fiction and this biasness could be one reason for this comparatively low rating. Otherwise its a well written book)

Q2 2009 Goals!

February 4, 2009

So what should I target for in next quarter? Final goal list will depend upon what all I am able to acheive in this quarter, but one item will surely be part of my final list – Watch 30 english movies (one movie every 3 days).


February 1, 2009

Its already 1 month and I have not been able to make any progress on my 3rd goal of this quarter.  I am realizing the goals that I have kept for this quarter are very aggressive.

Anyways, it was in the 2nd year of my college, when I was 1st time exposed to hypnotism. IIT Delhi had organized a stage hypnotism show (By Santhosh Babu) and I was idle enough to attend it. The show was very fascinating.  Since then I have been thinking of exploring hypnotism.

In last 2 weeks, I did some research (Through google, called Santhosh Babu etc) and finally shortlisted the following institute: . One of my acquaintant has attended thier course and had all good words for them.  They in all offer 6 courses . Their basic course (Level 1 – Basic Integrated Clinical Hypnosis) is from 27th Feb to 1st Mar (3 day course) in Delhi.