Half Marathon (‘The’ day – 22nd Feb 2009)

15th Jan 2009:

The marathon that I plan to run is on 22nd Feb 2009. To know more about the club that is organizing this marathon, you may want to visit

I wanted to run a half marathon in last week of March (so that I get enough time to build stamina), but this club is known to organize well managed marathons and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. So I have accepted this marathon only as a challenge !

As this is my 1st marathon, my focus will be to complete the marathon (Won’t be focusing on the time that I take to complete the marathon. This will be my focus in future marathons)

Will keep you informed about my progress through the below table

Week 1
16th Jan 2009 (Time- 1 hour    ; Km- 5 kms   )
17th Jan 2009 (Time- 2 hour    ; Km- 9.5kms  )
18th Jan 2009 (Time- 1 hour    ; Km- 5.7kms  )
19th Jan 2009 (Rest day )
20th Jan 2009 (Time- 1 hour    ; Km- 6.2 kms )
22nd Jan 2009 (Time- 50mins    ; Km- 4.9 kms )

Week 2
26th Jan 2009 (Time- 2 hour    ; Km- 11.5 kms)
27th Jan 2009 ( Time-51min     ; Km – 5.4 kms)
30th Jan 2009 (Time- 1 hour    ; Km- 6.5 kms )
31st Jan 2009 (Time- 2hr 20mins; Km- 14 kms  )

Week 3
3rd Feb 2009 (Time- 1hr 10mins ; Km- 7.4 kms )
4th Feb 2009 (Time- 1hr        ; Km- 5.7 kms )
6th Feb 2009 (Time- 2.5 hrs    ; Km- 15  kms )
8th Feb 2009 (Time- 2hrs 15mins; Km- 13.5kms )

Wish me best of luck 🙂

17th Jan 2009: Yesterday, I took 1 hr to complete 5kms! While covering these 5kms, after every .8km-1km, I had to walk for 30secs. Guppu The Greatest, you need to improve on your stamina ! Today I plan to jog for 2 hours and cover 10kms. Lets c.

18th Jan 2009: Yesterday I managed to run for 2 hours 🙂 (Though for last 20mins I was just dragging myself). Today I ran for 1 hour and was able to cover more than what I covered last time.

26th Jan 2009: I ran today after a 4 day gap. Need to be more regular! But the good thing is that last time when I ran 2 hours I was able to cover 9.5kms but today I managed to cover 11.5kms.

2 weeks ago, one of friend in Mumbai completed a half Marathon (21kms)  in 1 hour 50mins. I have a long way to go 🙂

1st Feb 2009: Updated the table. My maximum run till now (14kms in 2hrs 20mins).

4th Feb 2009: Updated the table. Plan for this week- Tomorrow (Thur) will be a rest day. Friday, I plan to do a long run (over 2 hrs). Saturday a rest day. Sunday, again a long run.

9th Feb 2009: Updated the table. As per the plan, ran a long run on Friday (Covered 15kms in 2.5 hrs – Longest run till now). On Sunday, my target was to run for 3 hrs but could manage only 2hrs 15mins (Covered 13.5kms). My calf muscles were aching very badly and could not run further.
Plan for this week:
Tuesday – 1 hour run
Wednesday – Only stretching and slow walk
Thursday – Long run (over 2 hrs)
Friday – Only stretching and slow walk
Saturday – Long run (over 2 hrs)
Sunday – Only stretching and slow walk

21st Feb 2009: Oh!!! 11 days and I haven’t updated this post 😦 Last few days have been crazy. Lot happened in my personal life and to be honest, didn’t spend lot of time jogging.

I will update the jogging table later. Right now just wanted to give a quick update. Till now the maximum that I have run at 1 go is 15kms (7kms short of Half marathon)

RunningandLiving.com website mentions the following
‘Slow runners – we will be there – whatever time you finish – you are the hero that day, Don’t worry about anything but completing your enormous achievement that you have embarked upon’

Yahooooooooooooooooooooo 🙂
This means I can even take 4 hours to complete the half marathon……. Phir to mei complete ker hi loonga 🙂

Rest after tomorrow’s marathon!

28th Feb 2009: Mission accomplished 🙂 The achievement deserves an independent post 🙂


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7 Responses to “Half Marathon (‘The’ day – 22nd Feb 2009)”

  1. lipi Says:

    haha ! good luck, am sure you will do well.

  2. Ankur Says:

    bhai sahab!!!

    good progress.. 14 km meri to sochte hue hi lag jaati hai.. 5 km ke baad himmat hi nahin hoti..
    keep going and dont leave in between.. all the best.

  3. vivek440 Says:

    Ankur: Thanks for the encouraging words 🙂

  4. chetan mahajan Says:


    What you are working on is a stiff target, and my only advice is to ensure that as you train make sure you stay free of injury. Dont make any sudden changes (trying to run double / triple distance on impulse) and also make sure that you stretch well both before and after every run. These simple steps can go a long way.

    For future events you can get some good training schedules on http://www.halhigdon.com. For some good stretching routines check out http://www.coolrunning.com .

    cheers and all the best,


  5. sumeet virmani Says:

    Great!!! That’s plenty of good walk. Now try some running

  6. vivek440 Says:

    Chetan: Thanks a ton for all the advice and the useful links !

  7. Saurav Says:

    You have encouraged me to run a marathon myself . Cheers !!!!!

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