My brand name – Suggestions required !

I have decided to come up with a brand name for myself 🙂

Your reaction: ‘Guppu/Vivek have you gone mad??? Tu bilkul pagal ho gaya hai … blah blah……’

My answer: World says the same for every great idea 😛

Here I go……

How do I plan to use it?

  • I plan to associate it with each and everything that I do (With my blog, visiting cards, email ids etc).
  • All the companies of my business empire (I don’t have one right now but will soon have one 🙂 ) will use it. Very similar to how ‘Tata’ and ‘Reliance’ use their brand names
  • I will get it printed on T shirts and will proudly wear the T shirts!
  • If my family approves (which is very unlikely), I will get it painted on my car 

Short listing Criteria

  • Should be catchy and easy to remember.
  • Ideally should be 4 characters long but I can live with 5 or 6 characters long also
  • Should not be related to me in any way (Eg Guppu, Vivek, Gups etc won’t go)
  • Awesome if it has some meaning, but not a necessary requirement

How can you help?

  • By making suggestions 🙂  (Feel free to use the comment section)

5 Responses to “My brand name – Suggestions required !”

  1. anu Says:

    guppuji, at least open the first one company of ur ‘business empire’, tab lena suggestions for brand name.we wouldnt like our much-thought-after useful suggestion to go down the drain in case u change ur mind 😛

  2. vivek440 Says:

    Anu ji
    Even if I change my mind, as mentioned in the blog, I plan to get it print on t shirts and also plan to paint my car with the name. So why will your efforts go waste? So ab to koi naam suggest kijiye 🙂

  3. Monika Says:

    “I plan to get it print on t shirts and also plan to paint my car with the name.”–> Iam sure the car will be a Maruti 😉

    Regarding brand name…I can suggest one which does not have any meaning..nor can you relate it with your company (anyways it does not exist as of now)….Saffire/Saffira

    Waise it is difficult to suggest a brand name if you don’t even know the product/industry it caters to 😦

  4. Toon India Says:

    lolz..guppu sounds nice..and it’s unique 🙂

    nice blog!!

  5. mu77 Says:

    important question is what’s your objective , from your blog post ,it appears it is for business use… Then you can think on 3 crieterias

    Inspiration- Something that defines your vision and gives you inspiration
    Curosity and interesting- Somethin that makes people curious and would like to know the reason behind the name
    Something that defines your business and when a person says your name, they can somehow can the business you may be in

    my 2 cents

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