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Interesting Blog Posts that I read between 16-25th Feb 2009!

February 26, 2009

Right now I am following 145 blogs with 121 unread posts. Oops I have been very choosy this time while subscribing to new blogs but still I ended up with 4 more blogs since last time ! But not my fault, this internet is full of so many fascinating blogs 🙂

The blog entries that I found interesting in last few days can be found here.

Enjoy reading and please do share your feedback 🙂


9-15th Feb 2009 Interesting Blog Entries

February 11, 2009

It seems I have suddenly been exposed to a new world…… World of blogs !!! Right now I am tracking 141 blogs on daily basis and each day the count is increasing.

I have decided to share interesting blogs entries with my priveledged audience 🙂

The blogs entries that I found interesting this week can be found here.  The link covers a variety of topics (Innovative marketing campaigns, blog entries to improve your soft skills, compilation of online payment options available, business plans etc). Just below the title of each blog, you will find a comment from me elaborating what made the blog unique/interesting/worthy enough to share it.
I will keep updating this page on real time basis with more interesting blogs till Sunday midnight.

For next week’s blog entries I will create another webpage. In short, you can expect a similar kind of web page every Monday morning (till I don’t loose interest) covering interesting blog entries of the respective week.

Till then enjoy reading !